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​​Log Cabin Rentals • MOONSHINE CABINS  Gatlinburg, TN

Frequently Asked Questions  (F.A.Q)

We have assembled these from actual guest questions both before and after staying at our cabin. If you have other questions that aren't answered here, drop us a note!

Is Wireless Internet Available?
Yes, each cabin is equipped with free high speed wireless internet.

What are your minimum night stay requirements?
We have a 2-night minimum requirement for staying in our cabins.  Some holidays may have a 3 or 4 night requirement for booking a reservation.

Where do I go to pick up a key to my cabin?
Our cabins have electronic locks. A couple of weeks before your arrival date, we will email the cabin address, driving directions, and your personalized door code for the cabin. When you come into town, you do not have to check in with us, just go straight to the cabin!

Where is Moonshine Cabins in Gatlinburg ,TN located?
Our cabins are located in Mountain Shadows Resort (within Gatlinburg city limits) just off of East Parkway near the historic Arts & Crafts district. The cabins are 3 miles from the heart of downtown Gatlinburg and a short drive to Pigeon Forge (about 6 miles). Thanks to modern mapping programs, you can navigate to both places without having to get on the Parkway, which can help you avoid the traffic during busy season! We are also less than 10 minutes from the Greenbriar entrance to the Smoky Mountain National Park!

What do we need to bring on our Gatlinburg, TN vacation?
Very little, as our cabins are well stocked with all the cooking appliances including natural gas grills, linens, utensils, entertainment, and laundry facilities you need for a comfortable and enjoyable stay. We also provide starter supplies of toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent, dishwashing detergent and dish soap so depending on consumption, you may need to bring or buy extra supply of these items during your stay. You will want to bring your own bath soap and shampoo along with beach towels for the hot tub and pool - other than that staying at Moonshine Cabins is turnkey easy!

Can we do laundry at the cabins?
You bet! Both cabins have washer and dryer units!

Is the kitchen fully equipped?
Yes, the kitchens at each cabin vary slightly, but in general we work to ensure you have everything you need to whip up a gourmet meal. From updated appliances, to dishware, glassware, bakeware, utensils, pots/pans, a crock pot, blender, hand-mixer, toaster and coffee maker (filter, not K-cup) – Moonshine Cabins has it all.

Why sometimes not all dishes / drinkware match?
We started out with matched sets. However, items do get broken, and as much as we try to replenish with exact same ones, sometimes they are no longer being sold.

Why no certain utensil / small appliance?
Rest assured we had it stocked. However, utensils get broken or misplaced. If no one reports it missing, and cleaning crew does not realize that it is not there, it is not replaced. If you find something missing, please let us know - we've been known to drop off toasters and tea kettles in the middle of guest stays! We stock common utensils and small appliances. Mixer, blender, toaster, can opener, coffee maker, iron, crock pot, are standard. Other small appliances are optional and we may or may not have stocked those.

What common items are not included in the kitchens?
We do not guarantee spices, aluminum foil, plastic wrap and condiments. However, we stock them when we are at the cabin and previous guests often leave them behind so you may find these in the drawers and cabinets.

May we bring our pet to your cabin?
No, we do not allow pets of any kind. This restriction is strictly enforced. See the rental agreement for more details.

Do you provide daily housekeeping service?
We schedule housekeeping service in between guests, however, each cabin is equipped with a washer/dryer and dishwasher as well as a starter supply of dish soap, and dishwasher detergent.  We can accommodate cleaning of the cabin during your stay at your request for an extra fee.
If your stay is longer than 5 days, we will schedule a trash pickup at no charge to you.

Is there a grocery store nearby?
Absolutely.  There is a "Food City" grocery store located on highway 321 (the parkway) that is approximately 5 minutes from the cabins. It offers a pharmacy, bakery, deli and video rentals.

Are hair dryers included?
Hair dryers are included and located in each bathroom, if you can’t find one, please let us know as they have been known to disappear.

Where can we go swimming?
Both cabins are located in Mountain Shadows Resort.  We have an outdoor pool within walking distance of the cabins - open May thru September. Additionally, there are many indoor and outdoor water parks located in both Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. There is also the Gatlinburg Community Center located just down the road which offers a very reasonably priced year-round indoor pool as well as other recreation options.  If you dare, you can also go swimming in the cool streams of the national park, which are just right down the road.

Is the hot tub cleaned between guests?
Of course, this is also a regulatory requirement for vacation rentals in Gatlinburg. After each guest departs, our cleaning crew drains the hot tub water, cleans the hot tub, installs a chemically sanitized filter, refills the hot tub, and chemically sanitizes the new water with bromine shock.  A bromine floater helps the water stay clear and sanitized during your stay. 

Do you provide Cribs, High Chairs or Wheelchairs?
We may be able to provide some baby items (pack-n-play, high chair and baby gate) upon request. These items are on a first come first served basis.  If unavailable during your stay, those items can be rented from the following:
   -Hey Baby - Baby Equipment Rental: 828-342-3072, heybabyrentals@gmail.com 
   -Scooter Rentals and Sales: 754 Parkway, Gatlinburg, TN; www.scooterrentalsandsales.com, 865-259-2255

What if we find a problem at the cabin upon check-in?
Please walk through the cabin upon check-in. Should you notice any problem at the cabin just call us. We will make every attempt to rectify the issue in a timely manner. At Moonshine Cabins, we want to ensure that your vacation is to your liking – from beginning to end.

What should I do if there is an issue with my cabin during my stay?
Issues can occur during your stay that can tend to be a nuisance. In the event there is something with your cabin that is less than satisfactory please call us right away. We will be more than happy to fix the issue for you in a timely manner so you can go back to enjoying your vacation.

How treacherous are the roads? What should I do if it snows and I can't access my cabin?
The main road into the resort is a moderate incline you will have leading up to the cabins – it may appear intimidating at first, but we find that most drivers quickly become comfortable with it as it is wide enough for cars to pass each other, with no hair-raising turns or drop offs. The resort roads are maintained by our HOA and are in great shape! Of course, as with all mountain driving, four-wheel drive vehicles are recommended during heavy snow, but we do plow our roads during bouts of snow.
Road surface conditions are not guaranteed at any time - there are no refunds given due to weather and we do not provide transportation or take responsibility for towing service.

Are there certain times of the year that I cannot use the fireplace?
During the warmer months (April-October), most gas fireplaces are disabled as operation of gas fireplaces during these times could cause an A/C failure.

Why are some of the pictures screwed to the wall?
If they are not, it often happens that guests accidentally knock a picture down. It falls down, nicks the floor, gets damaged or the frame gets broken, etc. In past experiences, guests would not report it and would just dispose of the damaged picture. It is a safety measure too – we do not want anyone to get hurt by a falling object. We have a few wall items at the cabin that are original, or one of a kind and we want them to remain in good condition.

Dust / cobwebs
We are not sure why, but dust is very prevalent in the log homes. The cabin may have been cleaned mere hours ago, and yet there is dust again. Cobwebs are common and they appear very fast – after all, the cabin is in the middle of woods and there are a lot of insects trying to make their home inside the cabin.

Bugs / ladybugs
The cabin is proactively treated monthly by a professional pest control service. Insects just find their way inside no matter what we do. Even after cabin is cleaned, it takes only a few hours for bugs/ladybugs to appear. Of course they get trapped and die inside. This is especially prevalent in spring as they emerge and the fall when it gets colder outside. An expectation of completely insect-free environment is probably reasonable in a high-rise beachfront condo, but not in a cabin in the middle of the woods. Ladybugs (actually, Asian Lady Beetle) are harmless if not touched.

Wasps / carpenter bees
Wasps try to make their nests, usually under the roof overhangs and eaves, and some may get inside and die. We try to keep up as much as we can but they are often much faster than us. Carpenter bees (big loud black bees) are harmless to humans – they make a lot of noise and may hover around humans, but they do not have stingers. They do however damage wood by boring holes in it. They rarely get inside the cabin.
In addition to pest control, we also spray the cabins in early spring to deter the carpenter bees.

What type of cell phone reception should I expect?
It depends on the provider. Cabin is equipped with home phone (free local and domestic long distance).  Also many providers and devices now offer voice over WiFi.  The internet speeds support this without issue.

May we smoke inside at Moonshine Cabins?
Sorry, No. Our cabins are smoke-free. This restriction is strictly enforced. You may, however, smoke outside of the cabins and we ask that you dispose of the waste prior to your departure.

What is there to do in the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area?
Well, there is just way too much to list here, but please check out our “
Out & About” page as a starting point, along with our Pinterest page, both which have lots of links for different activities and interests. We also love to help our guests find things to do based on their specific interests, whether it be shopping, hiking, scenic drives, or amusements, please just ask us, we love talking about the area!

What are the check-in/check-out times and may I check-in early/check-out late?
The check-in and check-out times vary by cabin and were provided to you with your welcome letter. We may be able to accommodate an early check-in if there was not a guest checking out the morning of your arrival. If we can accommodate this request we will – these are rarely available during the busy summer months.
Late checkouts are not possible as our cleaning crew takes care of more than just our cabins and they need to get started right away.

Are the pictures of the cabin on your website accurate?
What you see is what you get. We have taken all of the photos ourselves with either a smartphone or a point-and-shoot camera – no professional photos or photoshop!

Do we need to clean the cabin before we leave?
Checkout is pretty simple and there are a few simple requests outlined in the Guest Information Booklet located at your cabin. The few things that we ask that you do prior to your departure help expedite the cleaning of the cabin in preparation for our next guests such as ensuring the refrigerator is emptied, your trash is all placed in the proper location, load the dishwasher and start the cycle - Other than that, no housekeeping is needed.

What if we leave something behind at the cabin?
Contact us immediately. We will work with our cleaning team to see if they can locate the item. If found, we will happily mail the item back to you.

Can I watch a DVD we brought with us?
All TV’s in the cabin are LED TVs.  Mudpuppies cabin has Blu-ray players which will also play DVD’s in both master bedroom suites, the living room, as well as the “bunk room”. Fireflies cabin has DVD players in the living room and the loft.